8 Best Hitch Hiking Guide to Europe

Hitch Hiking

Hitch-hiking may be a special travelling philosophy, built on love for freedom, positive thoughts and healthy passion.

There’s no specific behaviour towards those that are hitch hiking: some consider them odd fellows, others rank them as “ordinary cheapskates”, and a few might believe that they’re careless hooligans.

Actually they’re hitch hiking, nimble and knowing the sense in “the romance of the large road”.

There are tons of myths about hitch hiking, the foremost “long-playing” and ridiculous among which are next:

First of all, everybody considers hitch hiking as a tour-trip for the poor, who choose it due to their poor economic state.

However, this is often an enormous mistake: hitch hiking travelling is actually more convenient than the tour-permit, though it’s still not its biggest advantage.

There are tons of men of means among hitch-hikers who can afford them the sumptuousness of an upscale health-resort and spa suit in Bali.

The hitch hiking is that they do not need the five-star ease, but the likelihood to flee from place and time and be “wherever whenever”.

In the second place, everybody is convinced that by “voting” on the road you certainly will fall under the arms of a maniac.

in fact, this sort of travelling isn’t totally safe, but overestimating its danger is worthless. Otherwise, hitch hiking wouldn’t be so popular all around the world.

Beginners should familiarize themselves with the skilled hitch-hikers’ code of laws.

8 Best Hitch Hiking Guide to Follow

1- There’s no got to pack things in bulky suitcases. it is necessary to select a compact and cosy bag, better a backpack.

within the trip, you’ll need only articles of prime necessity (there’ll be no opportunity to require advantage of other things) – a minimum of garments (including warm ones), the first-aid set, a grocery ration (the best variant – products of fast cooking), a tent, a highway map and money

2- It’s better to form out visas for the term up to two-three months for staying during a country, for you never skills long this trip goes to last and what countries borders you’ll need to cross.

If you would like to travel to Europe, it’s necessary to form out the external passport and receive the Schengen visa if needed; in any case you’ll never guess, what ways and thru what countries you’ll pass before you’ll reach your destination.

Hitch Hiking

Many experienced hitch-hikers notice that Europe people are polite, very benevolent and always able to help.

3- The hitch-hikers (also called “stoppers”) have their own dress-code. The clothing during which you propose to prevent cars should be bright and noticeable from distance.

4-the right position on the road is one among success primary factors. First of all, it’s necessary to be organized in order that it’ll be easy to differentiate you against a landscape and convenient to prevent the car.

Attempt to choose sites, where the cars reduce speed-near the turns, crossroads, outcomes and traffic police posts. don’t “vote” at railway crossings, on lifts and descents.

5-After the position was chosen, start “voting”. The hitch-hikers’ universal gesture is extended hand, clamped into a fist with the large finger bulged upwards.

it’s not necessary to fade during a barrier pose, expecting a compassionate driver; far better is to signal the hand vigorously

6-“The voting” must be addressed to somebody in specific, that’s why it’s necessary to settle on one (it is desirable – an enormous lorry) and check out to prevent it, friendly and cheerfully smiling to the driving force.

The keyword is “cheerfully“, after all, only a few people will want to spend a few hours within the companies with a tragic, annoying fellow traveller.

7-regardless of what happens it’s necessary to speak to the driving force and make jokes, telling the newest news from your country.

All Europeans understand and speak English, even during the slightest degree, that’s why it won’t be difficult to seek out a discussion theme.

However, it also won’t be excessive to stay a book and learn some standard phrases, without which it’s impossible to create a discussion.

8-As hitch hiking travelling doesn’t include bedroom reservation, it’s natural to ask about the place of night spending.

Hitch Hiking

Usually, hitch-hikers take tents with themselves, and spent the night in some picturesque forest on the roadside; within the city most reasonable would be to prevent during a youth hotel: the conditions are tolerable, about 7-10 dollars for an evening – are the costs.

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