WILNARA Spray & Squeeze Tr

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2 Spray & 6 Squeeze Travel Bottles Set: 2oz(50ml), Spray bottle is flat bottom and squeeze bottle with keychain. Every bottle is closed, will not leak when you hang upside down all the time. Waterproof tag help you recognize what inside the bottle.
Family Carrying-Keep You Clean: We should keep ourselves clean at any time and everywhere, prepare a refillable bottle and fill it with any liquid and gel you need in daily life, carry it easily and handily, open the cap, squeeze or spray the liquid. 8pcs lightweight and sturdy bottles, all your family member should get one and take it in your pocket or purse, it will help a lot to you health these period.
Easy to Fill and Use:The bottleneck is big enough that you could fill it easily(can also fill it with funnel ). Fill it with shampoo, body wash,lotion, toiletries. The bottles are flexible enough to squeeze out the product but sturdy enough not to break if dropped.