The Exciting Beaches And Attractions For Tourists


St. Lucia is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The island is famous for its natural beauty, and bizarre environment. Though very small, only 27 miles wide, yet it has been attracting tourists for many years. The history of St. Lucia tells that France ruled over it for many years, after that Great Britain grabbed the land. In’79, St. Lucia became independent and became an independent state of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Like any other island in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is also famous for its scenic coastlines. The great holiday experience of St. Lucia includes; sandy beaches, clear blue waters, a tropical climate, and lush green scenery. The island presents a chain of striking beaches that anyone can explore, and visit. All these beaches are opened to the public, as they form part of the Queen’s Chain, so you will not find any trouble visiting them.

St. Lucia consists of many fantastic beaches, but Anse Chastenet is known to be the most famous of them all. The beach is famous for its black volcanic sand, and breath-taking sights. Palm-fringed bays surrounded by gigantic mountains offer a stunning view. Overall, the beach is a perfect place for family members, and couples for sightseeing.

You can choose different beaches and coastlines along the Northwest Coast. Pigeon Island is a famous place in this area. If you are interested in finding a picnic place, the beaches here offer the perfect atmosphere. Pigeon Island National Park is the most entertaining place on this island, which attracts thousands of tourists to this place every year. Rodney Bay is another great place to visit.

It is famous for its long white sandy beaches covered with tropical greenery. Staying at night at Rodney Bay will be easy, and comfortable, as it has many hotels, and resorts. If you are on holiday with family, your favorite staying place should Choc Bay, which is famous to offer great water sports facilities. Children enjoy playing in the tranquil water of this bay. For people who love privacy, Marigot Bay is the most appropriate place, which is famous for deserted beaches, and for a hidden resort in the secluded area of St. Lucia.

The East Coast is an equally attractive part of the island with many beaches. This part of St. Lucia is not suitable for swimming, as the beaches are rocky, but they are still equally beautiful. They are also great for nature enthusiasts, and bird watchers, as they are full of plant, and animal life. These beaches provide a refreshing change for tourists.

Apart from sand, and water, the beaches here also offer historical and cultural places to visit. The Dauphin Beach has Indian stone-carvings that are a great historical attraction. It is also host to the ruin of the colonial church tower that is the only remnant of the town that was destroyed in the 1795 St. Lucia French Revolution.

St. Lucia is a perfect place to spend your holidays, as it offers everyone anything that interests him/her. There are plenty of different choices for everyone. You can mix with people, enjoy sports, or find a place in a secluded area. St. Lucia is a dream place for nature lovers.

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